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Updated: Jun 19, 2020


During this week, with continued pandemic restrictions and massive street protests, you might not feel at your best. Like you, I am tired of wearing face masks in the grocery store. I also have bouts with anger when thinking about the Floyd case and learning of the growing support for the all lives matter agenda to undermine the #blacklivesmatter movement.

I write this post for us. We need encouragement. You and I need each other to uplift ourselves, families, and communities.

The time is now for us to look within our divine DNA and discover the seeds of greatness planted in us at birth. We can stay healthy and make a valuable contribution to the movement.

What do we need? It takes awareness of our unique talents, skills, gifts, and the conviction to serve.

Our world needs us to be at our best.

Last week, they pushed a 75-year-old man to the ground in Buffalo, New York. The mayor responded in disgust. Fifty-seven police officers walked off the job in solidarity with the two officers charged with assault for pushing the protester.

#45 responded with conspiracy theory tweets.

Some are extending peaceful protests to looting the stores. The actions of a few are making groceries inaccessible for all people with limited resources.

We have not experienced anything like this in our lifetime.

Yet, we are still here. The fact that we are alive is evidence that there remains a purpose for our lives.

What are you doing to reinforce your life’s purpose?

I’ve been limiting my time on social media and making activities that bring me joy a priority. Writing, training capoeira, spending mindful time with my family, meditating, and praying made the priority list for me this week. These activities that reinforce my superpowers are critical to keeping me sane.

If you don't believe you have a set of go-to activities when things get tough, I want you to spend some time after reading this blog post to think about what you enjoy doing.

In your community, you can use your interests to impact the lives of other people. You can use your uniqueness to give yourself and your family hope, despite the difficulties.

Inside, you exist tomorrow's solutions to this day's problems.

If you enjoy cooking, prepare one of your favorite meals and share it with a family member, friend, or protestor. Are sports your thing? Decide now to begin a relationship with the local community center and help with athletic programming when it reopens.

Use the resources that you have. If you have a car, deliver some groceries to a person in need. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Everything that you need to build a better life for yourself and to help others is within you.

Give yourself some time to think in silence, and multiple reasons to keep living will surface.

A part of my life’s purpose is to help people understand that their lives have value. Through teaching capoeira and inspiring healthy habits, I believe I am making the impact to help people like yourself move toward alignment with your full personal and professional potential.

Yesterday, I uploaded a, "pay what you can," capoeira class for the UCA school in Albuquerque. The students received it and responded with warm reviews because I shared movements, music, and meditation. It also helped that I recorded the class from the beach! Take the class yourself, at this link. Sharing capoeira with others is one of my gifts.

Explore more motivational and instructional content inside the Capoeira In-tune program today.

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