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Capoeira, Accountability, and Progress

Updated: Feb 12, 2021


How is 2021 treating you? We are into the second full week of this year, and much has happened. The rioting of DC stirred the impeachment pot again, and we had to manage our emotions in anticipation of what Trump's supporters might attempt to feed us on inauguration day.

In these first two weeks of 2021, I also started an accountability group. The group consists of professionals and students who want support in achieving their professional and personal goals despite the political climate. Unfortunately, we got off to a rough start.

Our first live training did not go as planned. I created the meeting link two weeks ago and then decided to upgrade my Zoom account on the day of our first group session. The change in account status triggered a new link without notice. I didn’t see the link change until after the meeting.

The mistake left me feeling embarrassed and frustrated, but thankfully I had the opportunity to redeem myself. I uploaded my presentation's recording and led a live replay the day after the originally scheduled meeting. With the new confirmed link in place for our three remaining meetings, we are ready to move forward.

How are you moving forward in your fitness goals? Is this your year to get into the best shape of your life?

Some of the participants in the accountability group share interests in improving their health. With the increase in COVID cases, I don't blame them. A healthy body has a greater ability to combat inflammation and illness.

This week, I raised the standards of my workouts. I meditated for a longer period, pushed myself to practice more capoeira, and hit the weights for a solid strength training workout. As I explain in the heartfelt letters of my forthcoming book, Dear Brother: 82 Powerful Poems to Guide Your Journey to Healthy Black Masculinity, manhood requires that we do our best to take care of our bodies, minds, and souls.

Fitness resolutions are among the most popular and difficult goals to achieve. It takes a village to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Accountability can come from yourself, but we often work best with help from others.

In this week’s group training, I began the Zoom session by discussing goal setting strategies to maintain or lose weight. I told the group that it is not enough to say that you want to lose weight in 2021. It's more effective to indicate a precise weight or another form of measurement to achieve by a specific date.

As you think about your capoeira goals for this year, find a quiet space to listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself three questions. What movements and music do you want to learn? Why do you want these aspects included in your jogo? How will you achieve what you want?

These questions come from the Simon Sinek book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. In Sinek's book, he talks about The Golden Circle as the point when why, how, and what merge. Sinek's book is a must-have resource to guide you in creating more effective 2021 goals.

My FREE 30-day accountability group will hold our second meeting this Sunday at 7:15 PM EST. We will discuss creating and maintaining habits at the end of a Trump-era where race, racism, and privilege continue to prevail. This is your final chance to join this group. Complete this intake form now and I will send you additional details in 36 hours!

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