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Capoeira Meditation and Procrastination


How do you support progress to get things done for yourself, your job, and your family? We are into the second month of 2021, and I want you to reflect on actions you’ve pursued in meeting your New Year’s resolutions. There is no judgment in the tone of this piece.

All of us need to pause from all the doing and adjust as necessary. I've taken steps forward in some areas of my life and backward in others.

This week I finished the first month of my new accountability group coaching service. The group met every week to discuss mindset strategies, goal progress, and resources to support each other. We continued our conversations throughout the week on a private Slack channel.

Working successfully with a group of professionals to achieve their goals supports my personal and entrepreneurial interests.

I took a step back in the first thirty-something days of 2021 with finding the motivation to begin another book project. My third book, Dear Brother: 82 Powerful Poems to Guide Your Journey to Healthy Black Masculinity, is more or less complete. The proof copies arrived yesterday. My fourth book project that involves physical, mental, and spiritual training strategies to improve in Capoeira is moving slow.

It's dragging despite this week's great meditation and music session captured in the heading photo.

I have my next book’s contents, but because the submission deadline is not until December of 2021, I find the stare of procrastination too strong to ignore. It will get done because I am disciplined, and I use a system that works. I need to make the time and consistent effort to do what I’ve done before in my first three books.

What about you? Have you ever had a project to complete, but you postponed it for one valid reason or another? You had almost everything to achieve the goal, except for the missing push to take action.

The struggle to start and finish projects is why I love personal and group accountability.

The scary ghost of procrastination has visited me multiple times over the years. The personal accountability I assumed within several groups helped me earn a PhD, write three books, stay consistent with my health routines, and attend to my family's needs. Through multiple challenges and triumphs, I've learned more than a couple of things about discipline and accountability.

I want to teach you my tricks to get ish done!

Why should you join my accountability group?

If you want to make health a priority this year, you should join the group. If you want to do better about reaching your professional goals this year, you should join the group. If you want to improve your parenting and romantic relationships in 2021, you should join the group.

My group and individual accountability coaching services help folks like yourself with interests in achieving goals aligned with their personal and professional lives. Special rates are available for couples, graduate students, and academic professionals. Please don't only take my word for the power of my coaching services; read the testimonials added to my site yesterday.

As you celebrate love this Valentine's Day, take a moment and think about how you can show more love for yourself. Accomplishing professional goals without neglecting your health or family is a good look for you. If you need help, join this accountability group.

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