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Capoeira Without Social Media

This pic was taken before the social media hiatus

How much time do you spend on social media interacting with friends and looking for inspiration to develop your capoeira game?

It’s been two weeks for me without signing in to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Maybe, you noticed. Chances are you didn’t see any slack in posts or comments from me. The social media algorithms are unpredictable, and you have other priorities.

I get it and I’m not throwing shade at you for placing a premium on your time in the sun.

Do you use social media for business, pleasure, or a combination of both?

I use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to connect with other people and promote my entrepreneurial interests. Social media is also a valuable tool for receiving input and inspiration to encourage training in capoeira.

The pandemic’s impact on academy closures made online communities a valuable resource for capoeiristas looking to improve their skills and knowledge. Zoom, YouTube, and my classes inside the Vault kept you training in isolation.

Without a doubt, you have your reasons for showing up online that extend beyond capoeira.

To gain more control of my time and to raise the volume on internal feedback, I separated myself from some of my favorite sites. I erased Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone. Over the past week, I also deleted my personal and professional Twitter accounts.

It feels good to continue pushing yourself to reach your goals without the need to share progress or promote your accomplishments on social media.

What prompted this move? In last week’s blog post, I wrote about the influence of Jaron Lanier’s book, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Now. I also failed to indicate that I joined a course and created a social media challenge inside my group accountability coaching services for support. These resources helped me to develop the courage to face my fear of missing out #fomo.

As a capoeirista, it's been hard not to sign on to Instagram. I enjoy posting and viewing impressive self-defense and acrobatic combinations. It’s also been rewarding to focus on uploading content solely for the Capoeira In-tune Training Vault and to work on myself.

To connect with your reasons for training capoeira or doing anything that you value in life, silence the opinions of others. Establish a deep connection to that thing you do by dedicating time to improve in isolation. Yes, it will be difficult, but the improved version of you that will come from seclusion will be worth the struggle.

How can I say this with confidence? I see the benefits in my life. For a more detailed explanation check out my Ebook, Island Capoeira: The Guide to Encourage Growth in Capoeira and Life During Isolation. This resource shares short essays and training regiments inspired by life on a Caribbean island without an established capoeira community.

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