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Dark Nights and Light Mornings


How are you managing this week? As we continue adjusting to social distance practices, it is important that we check-in with each other. It may not be possible in person, but a text message, comment on a post, phone call, or email to a loved one can act as a beacon of light in what feels like dark times.

I have learned to embrace the darkness. When I wake up in the morning, the house is dark. The early morning is my quiet time to do the inner work necessary to lay the foundation for a productive day.

Morning is reserved for prayer, meditation, writing, and exercising. Through these activities, I try to find the light camouflaged as intuition.

How do your mornings begin? I realize that every person is not an early riser. Your work schedule may conflict with getting up early in the morning. If you're a new parent, 5 AM is impossible when you've been up all night taking care of an infant.

Some of us function better at night. If when everyone else is going to bed, you get a surge in energy, this is an indicator that your best productivity hours may be in the evening. Pay attention throughout this upcoming week and think about how you can better use the dark hours of early mornings or late nights to carve out some time for you.

Maximizing your peak hours with reflection, solitude, and some movement can transform your life. While coronavirus related isolation may feel synonymous with frustration, it can provide the keys to opening doors with access to rooms full of creative opportunities.

This week I did not sign into my accounts before sunrise or after sunset. The results of that sacrifice included more attention to the present moment and less concern about others' opinions. I am contemplating a permanent commitment to a schedule similar to this week.

Follow me on a brief detour, but a relevant trip down memory lane.

When I was a kid, I sang a song called This Little Light of Mine, at Sunday school. Per my teacher’s intimidating request and fear of my parents’ wrath, I repeated the chorus, “this little light of mine, I am going to let it shine.” I knew the song had something to do with Jesus, but I was unfamiliar with multiple interpretations and historical applications.

While writing this post, I discovered new trivia about the song, This Little Light of Mine. The song is about the message of Jesus’s life. It is also a song symbolic of resistance and the refusal to stand down against oppression. Organizers of the #metoo and civil rights movements have used it in public protests.

In the dark hours of this week, I found intuition, and it gave me another lens to see the song, This Little Light of Mine.

The two words, “little and light, ” have significance. The little is a call to humility, and the light is your unique talents, skills, and abilities. Yes, we can understand that this Sunday school classic is about Jesus, resistance, and the importance of developing yourself beyond internal or external limitations.

No matter what we accomplish in life and receive in acknowledgment, we must look to receive guidance by Our Creator, while remaining humble and placing service at the top of our priorities. This altruistic goal is not easy. I don't always meet these high standards, but aiming to let my little light shine, gives me a big goal to work towards every day.

The saying that we are here for a blink in the grand scheme of time is accurate. A friend of mine from Chicago lost his mother this week. Her untimely death reminded me of the brevity and gift of life. It feels like yesterday that I rode my bike to their house to play basketball.

If my friend’s mom were here today, she would agree with the next sentence.

When we shine our lights, living in our purpose, with the intent to improve the life of someone else, we possess the potential to leave a legacy that transcends generations.

Through my writings, teachings, and coaching, I help boys and men achieve self-mastery to make a positive impact in their communities. The services, products, and online content I provide align with this life mission. My roles as a husband and father give me more than one reason to grow in love.


Deciding to live abroad and working on myself in the dark helped to receive the clarity you now see.

You don’t have to move outside your home country, but you may need a shift in your environment to appreciate the small miracles that happen every morning and night. I want you to experience more of what’s possible for you.

Use the dark hours of this weekend to turn on the lights of possibility in your life. Once you connect with your purpose, find ways to serve, and help others experience more joy in their lives. The success you seek is in your authenticity and service.

Did this post resonate with you? If so, subscribe here. If not, I hope next week's post fills you with awareness, inspiration, and practical action steps. Either way, you should subscribe to this blog or explore my coaching services!

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