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Youth Program

The mission of UCA Chicago´s youth programming is to support healthy youth development through regular physical and cultural activities led by positive role models in a supportive learning environment.

UCA Chicago´s high-quality programs use “building blocks” of healthy youth development, which address the full spectrum of young people’s needs in order to support their emotional, social, and physical development. Research shows that children need these “building blocks” to grow into healthy, successful adults.

Healthy Youth Development Building Blocks:

Positive Relationships: Students develop positive relationships with supportive adults and peers.

Skill Building: Students build confidence and develop cultural awareness while learning new skills.

Regular Physical Activity: Students improve mental, physical and cognitive healthy through regular physical activity. UCA Chicago introduces healthy lifestyle habits through fun, vigorous physical activity.

Safety: Students are provided emotional and physical safety allowing them to develop a sense of belonging and freedom.

Youth Participation: Students participate in decision-making and build leadership skills.

Youth Capoeira classes (Ages 6-12 ): are taught using games and exercises emphasizing music and acrobatics—improving physical coordination and increasing mental stamina. Classes cover basic Capoeira techniques, rhythms, instruments, and songs in Portuguese. New students are welcome to start at any time.



Capoeira Mar Verde

 United Capoeira Association 

Professor Leão Preto

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